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Hope House to Help Substance Abuse Victims in Southeast Iowa Starting This Fall

Hope House to help substance abuse victims in southeast Iowa starting this fall

Another Inmate Starves to Death
My heart bleeds whenever I read another tragic story of abuse. Unfortunately, they are all too common. Recently a 57-year-old mentally … In reality, prison corruption is not uncommon, as guards… Continue reading

What Are the Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Tech in Maryland?

Question by Scott: What are the requirements to become a pharmacy tech in maryland?
What are requirements to become a pharmacy tech in Maryland

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Answer by GuyT.H.
years of coolage,drug abuse clinic hours and nolage

Ex-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll
Two groups of parents who… Continue reading

Nam Women Rank as 6th African Binge Boozers

Nam women rank as 6th African binge boozers
Citing data compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Washington Post says Zambia and South Africa, which both sit at the top, have 41.2% women who binge drink, while Burkina Faso with 36.8% and Mozambique with 32.9% are ranked third… Continue reading

Woman Accused of Driving Drunk Onto Scene of Alcohol Abuse Group's Race

Woman accused of driving drunk onto scene of alcohol abuse group's race
A West Bend woman was ticketed for drunken driving Sunday after police say she drove onto a recreational trail during a fundraising race for an organization that helps fight drug and alcohol abuse. There were no runners on… Continue reading

Learn to Cope Offers Family Support for Addictions

Learn to Cope offers family support for addictions
Family life can become a swirl of chaos around the drug user's behavior and the search for help. Learn to Cope, a statewide peer-led support network founded 10 years ago for parents and relatives who are grappling with a loved one's addiction,… Continue reading

What Do U Personally Think Is the Worst Addiction:drugs,Alcohol or Gambling?

Question by : what do u personally think is the worst addiction:drugs,alcohol or gambling?

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Answer by xxooxxoo
They actually are all associated with each other and are all bad addictions…

Answer by Alice Wonderland
i believe that drugs are the worst but they all fall along the same… Continue reading

W.Va. Law Targets Problem Gamblers

W.Va. law targets problem gamblers
The lottery commission also provides a label for each video lottery terminal to display information on how to locate and contact people or organizations available for help, assistance or treatment for a gambling addiction, according to state law …
Read more on… Continue reading

Paroled 'Sopranos' Actor Discusses Drug Addiction

Paroled 'Sopranos' actor discusses drug addiction
"Here I am, I get the opportunity, I get the shot and then squander it, and do what I did, and get addicted to drugs and just make horrible decisions," the 37-year-old Brancato said in an interview broadcast Sunday on WNYM-AM. He was paroled… Continue reading

Going Threw a Hard Time… Just Need Some Advice…?

Question by : going threw a hard time… just need some advice…?
my names Courtney,
and im only 15 years old…
hers a small hunk of my life (yes its real)
and last Wednesday night i woke up to my mom pulling me out of bed by my hair. (now… Continue reading

Wh?T ?S Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by : Wh?t ?s Prescription Drug Addiction?

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Answer by Kermit
Its an addiction to drugs that you get with a doctors prescription.

Answer by Alex
Drug Rehabs h?v? b??n devoted t? helping individuals recover fr?m pharmaceutical drug abuse f?r s?v?r?l decades. ?n r???nt times, ?t ?s finally… Continue reading