Going Threw a Hard Time… Just Need Some Advice…?

Question by : going threw a hard time… just need some advice…?
my names Courtney,
and im only 15 years old…
hers a small hunk of my life (yes its real)
and last Wednesday night i woke up to my mom pulling me out of bed by my hair. (now before you tell me to call the cops read on) then my dad grabbed on to my leg and pulled me down the hall…
the thing is, i had been addicted to coke and crack for 2-3months before this happened, and my dad finally found a razor and the rolled up paper i use…which brings us back to being yanked out of bed. anyway, after that episode, i continued on to complete my horrible ritual by self harming a few hundred times(thats not an exaggeration i actually cut that much a day)then fall back asleep. anyway, i left the next day, and i havent gone back since, and ive only talked to my father once and sent my brother a message on facebook… on a good note i havent done crack or coke since late friday night/early saturday morning. on a bad note, ive smokes tons of pot. cigarettes, and drank lots of alcohol. but so i need to start paying rent to continue staying at the place im staying at, but i cant get a job because theres a missing persons report out for me, so i eaither have to start selling drugs or selling myself, and both options arnt a new concept to me… added fact is i met some dude who lives in Edmonton, hes 28 and willing to let me move in for free, but does want to “make love” and marry me/get me pregnant… but none-the-less im pretty sure im still moving there with him…but anyway im tired of writing now.
i know i should go home, and i know i was dumb to post this, i just have no way to talk to anyone, and im starting to give up.
and i know whats going on with this dude… exactly what i said i would never let happen… hes saying he’ll buy me nice stuff, and he’ll never hurt me… yada yada, oh and that he loves me

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Answer by Hanny
You’re fifteen years old, go home, now! Get a nice WARM bath, and then speak to your parents. How could you put them through this, so selfish. Go home and live out the rest of your childhood jesus christ you aren’t going to get it back! Go home.

Answer by Anthony
if hes just letting you stay over his house so u can have sex with him lol!
and BTW thats ILLEGAL for him to even do that……..
I’m just saying don’t do it.
and if you DO NOT move in with him DON’T under any circumstances Sell youself………
If you want someone to talk to email me at
[email protected]
prob could help relieve some stress.


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