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Arkansas Nurses Association Discusses Prescription Drug Abuse

...  Nurses Association Discusses Prescription Drug Abuse — 40/29’s Jo Ellison speaks with Fort Smith nurses who say that prescription drug abuse is growing among teens. County denies newspaper request for jail detox protocol, med list The inmate deaths were the first at the jail since 2010. Yarnall was incarcerated… Continue reading

5 Main Line Drug Suspects Appear in Court

...  D.C., discovered, to their alarm, that many of the poor, predominantly black women who gave birth in their maternity wards were addicted to crack cocaine. As with the hyped … Read more on Free Speech TVPhiladelphia, PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expansion of Drug … Philadelphia, PA Alcohol… Continue reading

Hope House to Help Substance Abuse Victims in Southeast Iowa Starting This Fall

...  as guards and other officials frequently use their position to … Read more on Huffington PostTed Cruz claims he has evidence Obama has abused his power or acted outside … Ted Cruz unveiled his fourth 'Abuse of Power' report on the Obama administration at the Mayflower Hotel in… Continue reading

BioCorRx Opening Addiction Recovery Clinic in Atlanta

...  opening addiction recovery clinic in Atlanta The use of alcohol alone or with drugs accounted for almost one-half of treatment admissions in Atlanta, data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse showed. It also ranks first among drug-related crisis call reasons in Atlanta in 2012, with a total …… Continue reading

What Are the Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Tech in Maryland?

...  by Scott: What are the requirements to become a pharmacy tech in maryland? What are requirements to become a pharmacy tech in Maryland Best answer: Answer by GuyT.H.years of coolage,drug abuse clinic hours and nolageEx-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll Two groups of parents… Continue reading

Emir of Zuru Laments Drug Addiction Among the Youths

...  not meet safety requirements … Read more on ITAR-TASSTori Spelling Drug Addiction – True Tori Detox For Pain Pills – Hospitalized … Tori Spelling is the epitome of clean living and great parenting. Wait, sorry, I couldn't even get that sentence out without laughing. Tori and her husband… Continue reading

Nam Women Rank as 6th African Binge Boozers

...  women rank as 6th African binge boozers Citing data compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Washington Post says Zambia and South Africa, which both sit at the top, have 41.2% women who binge drink, while Burkina Faso with 36.8% and Mozambique with 32.9% are ranked third and… Continue reading

Have Your Say on Drug Abuse.?

...  by hot_but_taken_by_my_man: Have Your Say on Drug Abuse.? I need to report on Drugs and drug abuse I was curious to know other people’s perspective on it. so please let me know! Thanks 😀 Best answer: Answer by eventfulnights82ii wrote a whole essay on legalizing drugs…if you want… Continue reading

Need Help Finding a Drug Rehab Clinic for My Mom.?

Question by Jamie R: Need help finding a drug rehab clinic for my mom.? My mom is on drugs, not sure what kind or anything she just called and said she wanted to get cleaned. That’s the first step right, so how can I get her the help she is… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Needle Use How Long 2 Recover From Long Useage of Needles?

...  great-aunt in York has been jailed for four years. Shane Philip Wilson, 41, used a crowbar to smash his way into the house where the woman lived with her 69-year-old son, who has … Read more on The Press, YorkPanel likens prescription drug addiction to disease Panel likens prescription… Continue reading