Drug Addiction Needle Use How Long 2 Recover From Long Useage of Needles?

Question by summazara: drug addiction needle use how long 2 recover from long useage of needles?
could anyone please tell me the effects of comin down off of drugs and needle use, i hav a friend that needs help she has been a user for a while, she has been told that it will take a few weeks for her to be normal again but i dont beleave it, so it there anyone out there that could tell me a bit about it all like how long would it take her to recover from long useage of needles, thanks heaps for taken the time to read my Question looking for good Answers

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Answer by railroad dave
no soap , no hope , for a dope .

Answer by peahiwahine
Your friend doesn’t sound like she’s ready yet.

Recovery is a lifelong process. You don’t go in for a few weeks and come out all better. Especially not if she’s injecting something like Heroin.

So it’s not about recovering from needles or needle use. It’s about recovering from addiction, addiction to a particular drug, the problems it’s created, and the issues that caused her to start using in the first place.

She needs to be the one asking the questions, in a chair, at a treatment center.

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