My Brother Has Some Problem’s That Stress Him Out and Make Him Drink, How Can I Find a Place to Help Him??

Question by dohm84: My Brother has some problem’s that stress him out and make him drink, how can I find a place to help him??
He is very lonely and I just don’t know what to do. He goes out and drinks every night and spends all his money on beer and then does not have the money to pay bills. He is a great guy and has 2 GREAT little girls. He is a wonderful father, yet the stupid court says they are best with there mom (thats crap but its a differnt story) althought that is a big reason also why he drinks. Anyways, he really wants to get help and I want to help him. I finally talked him into checking himself into the hospital and he went but they would not take him. Sad huh? So now I don’t know what to do. He does not have money to pay for someplace to help him. He lives in a small town of Michigan City, IN. Like I said he is a great guy but has had a hard life. He feels sad that out of all 6 of us kids he has the worse life. I think he has a good life if he only know how to look at it. I just want to help him out. Is there a website or anything that I can use to find him a good place to get help
He wants help, he talkes to me all the time about it. But the hospital won’t let him check himself in. He tried that.

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Answer by Child of Abba
Alcoholism is called a family disease because it affects everyone. It can be gut-wrenching to have a family member who is an alcoholic.

The upper midwest seems to be pretty well educated in alcoholism, anyway a lot better than Nevada.

I think Minnesota has the best treatment centers. I went there in 1984, it was my second time, but I’ve not had anything to drink, nor have I used any drugs since then.

My daughter went to treatment in Cincinnati while we were living there and they had good programs also.

It is good that you want to help him, but as AA will say, he has to to want help or it won’t work.

I’m sorry you are having to go thru something like this because it is no fun to watch a loved one destroying themselves and their life. I would strongly urge you to go to Alanon. You will gain much education there.

Good luck, I will be praying for both of you. You sound like a very caring sister.

Answer by Elena M
Well, the good thing is the first step to getting better from an addiction is admiting u have a problem. The other problem with people who have addiction is that they need to help themselves. We wish we could help them but we really cant especially if there older. You need to talk to him and explain how you feel and mabye that will help determine him more. You cant force him or tell him to do anything but the most you can do is support and care.

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