I Need to Know About a Free or Cheap Treatment Facility in Texas for My Son..?

Question by larkspur: I need to know about a free or cheap treatment facility in Texas for my son..?
My 17 yr old son needs help badly..he is into drugs and alcohol and lies, steals etc..i have tried everything i know of to try but they all tell me since he is 17 that it’s his choice..he can leave home or whatever and has to sign himself in to a treatment center..my heart is breaking watching him spiral down out of control and not be able to do anything about it..any suggestions? im so scared for him.. also he has been diagnosed as bi-polar and refuses to take his meds..

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Answer by Jessi
My little brother is exactly like this and he went somewhere called Meridell near Austin. If you have insurance that should help pay for it.
I really don’t know how much it costs however but I do know that it’s a very nice place because we used to visit him a lot.
It’s not really his choice because he’s only 17 and therefore not an adult, so I don’t think the places you’ve tried are giving you the right information. My brother has to be in treatment until he is 18 because he keeps having these problems so I know for a fact your son has to be an adult to refuse treatment.

Answer by Jenni-O
My little brother is also 17 and we’ve been looking into different places for him as well.. however they have told us that he cannot refuse treatment until he is 18 so right now he still has to do whatever it is YOU choose for him. There are alot of churches in Texas that offer treatment at no cost to you. You should check w/ your nearest church. Best of Luck, i know how this situation feels.

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