Colloidal Silver and Uti/yeast Infections?

Question by : Colloidal Silver and uti/yeast infections?
I experience frequent painful urinary tract and yeast infections, they usually alternate every month, but I’m guaranteed some type of infection every couple weeks. I recently started experiencing the symptoms of a UTI, and went into a Health store(Maxx Nutrition), and the women recommended Colloidal Silver; she informed me it was a natural antibiotic and it would treat my infection. My symptoms were not relieved and I ended up in the E.R from the pain; my question being could colloidal silver be used as a type of preventative to my chronic infections, or is it unfit to take daily dosages. In researching I found some sites saying that too much use of the product, can cause a skin disease. I’m just looking for some info on it, and if anyone has experienced reflief from this product? Thank you!

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Answer by oldtimekid2
Colloidal Silver in the proper doses is safe and is very good for boosting the immune system. If you take too much, it could turn your skin gray/blue over time, so you should stick with the recommended dosage.

That being said, were in that much pain after the Silver, or was it from the infection to start with? If it was an allergic reaction, I would stay away from it, but that is rare.
Anyway, if you are commonly getting UT and yeast infections, I’m willing to bet you’ve been on antibiotics probably a couple times and that’s likely what is causing them to come back. Antibiotics are very well known for killing not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria that lives in your intestinal tract, which also helps to keep yeast at bay. So when the good bacteria is killed off, it’s very common for people to get reoccurring yeast infections and the really bad cases commonly get UTIs as well.

I would recommend getting on a good probiotic (at least 3-5 billion organisms from 4-6 strains, but you would probably benefit more from a higher number of organisms at first), plus taking Cranberry on a daily basis can help prevent the UTIs in addition.
Good luck and I hope I helped!

[edit]: Malik is NOT a doctor… that is just spam for his sales website.

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